About Us

Hi, I’m Michael Hebert, the host of the Oilers Live Podcast. Thanks for visiting the site and I hope you leave with satisfaction and enjoyment of the content as it gets published. This site and podcast are dedicated to the fans of the Edmonton Oilers hockey club, we’re a resilient bunch and while playoffs seem a distant memory we must find other ways to continue to enjoy the game of hockey. As an Oiler fan, I know how hard it is, but I’ve also lived through the decade of darkness and found that the fanbase didn’t decrease in size or intensity, it actually grew and became stronger.

So now I think I’m tasked with trying to find a reason for you to value the podcast and the new website. Many of you may ask, why do we need an additional website or an additional podcast when so many great Oilers sites and podcasts exist today? The reality is, we don’t. I started the podcast because I wanted to create something that people could get enjoyment out of, think of it like artwork, or music, but with no aesthetic quality. In fact, you might consider yourself lucky I’m not video blogging for that very reason. This podcast and the site are for your enjoyment. This is a place to discuss, argue, praise, chat, and enjoy hockey. Learn about old players and new players, learn about fans, megathreads, and Nuge’s teddy bear. Also, at the end of the day, it doesn’t take much convincing to have me schedule time to talk about hockey.

MOST IMPORTANTLY – I don’t do the work on the podcast, my guests do. They provide the insight, the commentary, the colour, and I facilitate them through this media. 

There are two ways you can support the podcast today:

The first is to read their articles, tweet, visit their sites, and communicate with the guests I have on the program. Some of them make their living from doing this very work…and they’re good at it!

The second way to support me and show appreciation is to donate to the two causes I have chosen to support, both of which you’ll receive a tax receipt when you donate!! It would mean a lot to me and would help me realize I’m making a difference if you support each cause. 

One is connected north, you can donate here AND read about why I support it: https://secure.connectednorth.org/registrant/FundraisingPage.aspx?RegistrationID=4084770#&panel1-1 

The second will be the Hockey Helps the Homeless charity. I’ll post my donation link when I have it, but if you don’t donate through me, please donate to any one of the HHTH players from coast to coast when you see their requests! I’m on the organizing committee for the tournament in Calgary and I’ve played at the Vancouver tournament for the last couple of years.