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“I’m still pissed at McLellan” – Paige Bednorz @Nooorzy
March 21, 2018
An Oilers Fan in Nevada – the Roundabout Version
April 2, 2018

“Good bye Felicia” Michael, Sean, and Kelly talk Oilers News and Hockey

Oilers Live

Oilers Live

Michael, Sean(The Oil Knight), and Kelly (Beer League Heroes) discuss the win over the LA Kings on March 24th, some recent Oilers news, and discuss prospects both current and draft eligible.

Some of the key discussions tonight include talking about Georges Laracque’s recent comments about Taylor Hall, what do the Oilers do about Todd MacLellan, and McDavid’s drive for the Art Ross Trophy.

For some of the news discussed, go here:

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Michael H
Michael H
Lifetime Oiler fan and a guy that loves to schedule time to talk about hockey!


  1. Bb says:

    Trading Hall was the worst ever trade,couldve used a supr speedy elite forward drafted number one next to mcdavid with 37 goals.wos

    • Michael H says:

      Thanks for the comment and the listen!

      My thinking, I don’t know if I’d call it the worst trade ever, everyone knew we needed defence and Larsson is a young premium defenceman. Certainly it would be nice to have had Hall’s speed (I’m a big fan), but I don’t think it was that simple. We had to make a trade and we had to get better D. Question, who and how would you have accomplished that with our team at the time? Someone would have needed to be traded, who was that going to be?